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Email Conversation Templates Made Easy

Writing Emails is fast becoming one of our to-do list each day. We do it all the time and surprisingly is the first thing we open each morning. It goes to the extent that we're receiving more emails than letters... Continue Reading →

Vlog Discussion on App Creation

Apps are prominent in today’s context as mobile devices becoming more prominent and great advances in technology. Almost everyone owns a smart device these days. Teachers and educators are also jumping on the bandwagon to see how it can benefit learners in classrooms and lectures. Let’s explore some design considerations during the development of an App

How to Choose the Right Color For Your Brand

Your brand is not something that you will keep on changing. Hence, choose colors that is able to convey your brand message across your target audience in an easy manner.

Prototyping your next modern site

Introducing mobirise. a prototyping webpage builder that's free for you to use. its available on Windows, Mac or Android.

Gamification resources

We take a look at gamification resources that can help you in your quest of using games in your classroom.

Publishing Assessments gamified

It doesn't always have to be pen and paper, why not create something out of this world using different resources available online.

Presentations essentials for your next big thing

So you want to present that nice set of statistics to your manager to show how much effort you have spent over the past few weeks. But somehow or another, you just got stuck because you have so much information that you require him or her to digest. Are there information that are repeated across because you want a more coherent flow in your presentation? We're here to actually help you resolve the many complications that may arise from these presentations.

Communicating effectively with Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts (SMEs) plays a vital role in the development of the eLearning courses, lesson and/or curriculum design. SMEs are the one that provide you with information to craft the right learning objectives, support you to narrow the scope of the course contents and materials and provide valuable feedback on the overall design of the course and its learning resources.

How Gagne’s 9 event can be relevant to your next E-courseware

Over the last few years, e-courseware has widely been adopted by institutions and organisation in a form of computer-based training material. Designing courseware teaching and learning experience become challenging as you need to consider the most effective and engaging manner possible for the end user. Our Contributor, Wee Ying Qin will show you how he used Gagne's 9 event for E-Courseware

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